ikken is a French brand of decorative items launched late 2016. In Japanese, ikken means "glimpse" or "home" depending on how you write it. However, in both instances, it matches an intent to design objects contributing to the singluarity of interior decoration.

Celine is the French graphic designer at the helm of ikken. She is passionate about design, art, and architecture. She has also studied Japanese and traveled to Japan. ikken collections are the fruit of those influences and her inspirations.

ikken values simple and authentic materials as well as the most care for details and finish. We like the idea that paying attention to details is the first mark of consideration.

Our collections are mainly divided into 3 themes. 

Line: engraved, printed or drawn, we love the line drawn by freehand for its graphic and sensitive rendering.

Vegetal: the contemplation of nature pushes us to bring the vegetal into the house everywhere.

Japan: because Japan is fascinating, we want to contribute to the spread of its refinement. 

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